Add more function for the support KOFR OvernightIndex Futures

In the Korean market, KOFR Index is used as the underlying overnight index. and these overnight futures are enrolled to exchange.
(you can seed the more detailed KOFR Index Information using

Sep22(Bloomberg ticker, KOYU2 Index) 's Contract starts on 2022-06-15 and expiry and 2022-09-21. So Sep22 is normal to start date based on the near maturity date.

and At KRX(Korea Exchange) normal Future series are all of on-the-run is 8
4 series are quarterly and the others are monthly after the base date.

need to
add OvernightFutureContractSpec what futures start dates based on expiry or start dated.
modify ImmutableOvernightFutureContractSpec to make proper future trades using ContractSpedc scheme.
add DateSequende QuarterlyIMMSeires4.

The trade object itself (OvernightFuture) can take any start date, end date, accrual, etc.
The OvernightFutureContractSpec is a helper to automate the creation of those futures with specific rules.
It is not clear to me what issue you are facing. By using a DateSequence with quarterly IMM dates in the contract spec, the dates you mentioned (3rd Wednesday of the month) would be generated.