Are the latest web analytics working at all?

Hi there,
could someone tell me if web analytics are still available in the latest version of OG-Platform (from master branch)?

I found this factory: com.opengamma.sesame.component.WebsiteAnalyticsComponentFactory which is not included in fullstack.ini configuration (for sesame-server) for an unknown reason. I wanted to add it myself, but then I found a lot of deprecated code which I would need to include for making the WebAnalytics run.

Could you tell me if there is the other (proper) way of making web analytics work or I should just go on with setting up deprecated components (e.g. FunctionServer)?

Best regards,
Jacek Witkowski

Hi Jacek,
Our focus over the last year or two has been on the foundations necessary to support our market structure efforts. In addition, we increasingly found users integrating the Platform into their existing applications as a library, with custom user interfaces replacing the need for our web analytics interface. As such, we made the decision to discontinue work on the web interface, and unfortunately we have no plans to reinstate it.

You may be interested in OpenGamma/Strata (github and docs) which is the technology preview of our more focussed library solution.

Hi Stephen,

Do you mean that OpenGamma as a standalone is more or less discontinued?
I was having a look at Strata docs, but I cannot see a link between itself and OpenGamma.
Does it use any of the OG’s library or can we consider it as a standalone project?


OpenGamma is the company behind this code. OG-Platform is the codebase that has been available for five years or so. Strata is the preview of where we’re going.

OG-Plaform is a broad solution, including trade models, analytics, an engine, database storage, web GUI and more.

Strata is more focussed, supplying trade models, analytics an engine, scenarios and market data management.

The key is that Strata has been built from the ground up as a library - just drop in the jar file and go (and we hope to add it to maven central soon). Strata does not need a database or complex configuration. This matches our customer demand for a library and quick setup. And of course, it is always possible to build a GUI on top of a library (but it would be nigh on impossible to extract a library out of OG-Platform).

Considerable functionality from OG-Platform was reused in Strata, so although it is separate, there is much that is the same. Since Strata is written in Java 8, and makes use of all the new features, we found that it was more effective and cleaner to pull functionality across, rather than reuse directly.

Hope that helps.