Bond data


Compliments on an interesting prospect.
I would like to test some bond securities, but they are unfortunately not in the database. How should I go about this?


The OG Examples project contains a small set of sample data to help demo the system. To access more data you either need to connect up a proper data provider like Bloomberg (contact OpenGamma for more info) or provide more dummy data.

Within the OG-Examples project there are some csv files containing the equity and swap portfolio data. See DemoEquityPortfolioAndSecurityLoader for an example class that loads the data. For bonds, you would need to setup the dummy data and write a suitable loader. This could then be loaded into the database so that it can be seen in the Web GUI.


Thanks stephen,
As you said the loading of sample bond data and creating views went well using the example classes.

Where is the starting point for evaluation of the calculation in the source?

It is important for us to be able to understand the source code, and these are the first steps in evaluating openGamma.



Can you clarify exactly what you want to evaluate? The calculations are performed in the OG Analytics module, which are wrapped by functions specified in OG Financial. Defining a ViewDefinition is all about hooking up the portfolio you created to the functions and analytics.