Building up an ETL using custom masters


I’d like to congratulate all of you for what you’ve done with OG and also for providing us with this open source platform. I’m eager to discover what it’s capable of :smile:

I’d like to stick to the OG masters which provide a robust versionning tool for managing trades, positions, … Thus I think the best thing to do is to build an ETL to fill OG DBs from another database. I’ve been trying to extend the ToolContext class so that it contains additional masters (for instance SecurityMasterFrom and SecurityMasterTo, if you see what I mean). Is that the proper way to do it?

Would it be better to load 2 ToolContexts, each one linked to a different database, and have them work together? In that case, how can it be performed?

Any hint is welcome :smile:
Best regards


It is possible to extend the ToolContext in the way you describe, that class already has subclasses that show it can be done. It may be easier to have two context objects - the toolcontext.ini file simply creates one tool context at the end, but there is no reason not to create more than one. However, the code that controls the component manager will also need to be altered to pick up the second context.