CAD Conventions

When building a CAD curve the RatesCalibrationCsvLoader fails as there’s no TermDepositConvention for CAD-ShortDeposit-T0. Is there a way of defining conventions that aren’t hardcoded into Strata in such a way that RatesCalibrationCsvLoader is aware of them?

Thank you.

See the documentation. You can create your own class, similar to StandardTermDepositConventions and register it using a config file com/opengamma/strata/config/application/TermDepositConvention.ini. See the built in file TermDepositConvention.ini for an example of the format.

Thank you. What should the ini key=value format be for a convention with multiple attributes?

TermDepositConvention = CAD-ShortDeposit-T0, CAD, , 0, 1, CATO

Or is it simpler to load the conventions from a csv file of format like some of the conventions here: ?

Is it correct that the line in the ini file should be
com.opengamma.strata.product.deposit.type.TermDepositConventionCsvLookup = instance

to look at a file of name TermDepositConventionData.csv

which is in the format

Name, Currency, DaysAdjustment, BusinessDaysAdjustment, HolidayCalendar
CAD-ShortDeposit-T0, CAD, 0, 1, CATO


Currently, Strata does not have a CSV/INI loader for conventions like this. Thus, the simplest approach is to create a class that defines the conventions using Java code, just like StandardTermDepositConventions (a package scoped class). You then add

[providers] = constants

to cause the class of constants to be loaded.

If you want to go further and write a CSV loader, you can. See IborIndexCsvLookup for an example of how to write it. If you did that, then you would use a provider of “instance” as you suggest.

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