Execution Options


In document here http://docs.opengamma.com/display/DOC210/Views+and+Results are described different types of execution options: Single Cycle, Compile Only, Batch

No where in documentation we could find some more detailed information about how them can be used. Also we do not see anything in OpenGamma UI to see it.

How can we try that execution options?

Most appropriate settings are available through the UI (validation time, portfolio version/correct, etc), but ExecutionOptions is really for use programatically when you’re running a sequence of cycles for scenarios, just compiling the graph to check for e.g. market data requirements, or running into the batch database (which really should be in the UI, but isn’t - there are command line tools to run batches though). We’ll try and update the documentation, but for the moment, I’d recommend looking at the JavaDocs and asking specific questions here.