Fpml ingest settlement date not set

I take a sample fpml fxswap (fx-ex08-fx-swap.xml) and import it into strata, using

FpmlDocumentParser parser = FpmlDocumentParser.of(FpmlPartySelector.matching(partyId));
List<Trade> trades = parser.parseTrades(source);

and then pass this to risk engine and then finally invoke the fx trade report
I get :
FAIL: Property ‘settlementDate’ not set
looking at the code I can see TradeCsvLoader has code to set the settlementDate but does not appear to be defined in the fpml parser.
Does this mean I have:

  1. missed the settlementDate setter inside the the fpml parser
  2. should use csv ingest (instead of fpml) as has better support
  3. am missing some operation such as .resolve(refData) which will compute settlement date
  4. other

ok, figured it out. sample fpml files have trade/value dates from 2001. the example uses a valuation of date of 2014-1-22 and hence there are no cashflows etc on this old trade. changing the dates in the fpml produced as trade report with NPV values.
Property ‘settlementDate’ still not set but at least I have risk measures

Yes, AFAICT there is no settlement date in the input file.