How to set time of correction of a document to a different date


Hi ,

For a security i am planning to add , say i want to register its old name and new name.
Now to achieve this the solution given is as below

foreach (document in listYouWantToStore) {

But then as this method is removed , what is the best way to achieve this ?



Not sure what you mean by removed. The setTimeSource() and add() methods are still currently in existence on the master and develop branches. There is new work going on (topic/masters branch) separately to change the API, but that is not integrated yet.


My apologies. I was looking into the interface rather than implementation.



That new functionality should be merged into our develop branch in around 10 days.



Hi @jim ,

Can you tell me the status of the merge ? Is it done ?



It’s proved more complex than expected but we’re getting there. I’d hope it will be merged some time next week, but it’s difficult to be precise because every time we think it’s finished, we find that changes spread to another part of the system. I guess that’s because it’s such core functionality.


Hello @jim ,

I have a scenario where first i create a portfolio , and then afterwards starts loading a portfolio on a particular date , and then later some time loads another state of the portfolio .

Here my issue is that , the portfolio is created with present time stamp , then i load the portfolio with a date earlier than revision 0 (which is at the time portfolio was created). Due to constrain over the sql , when i try to load a portfolio with a date before the date of current version , its failing.

Error am seeing -

With the current situation , the above are the issues am facing. So in short , the features are looking forward are

  1. I should be able to change the date associated with a previous version or similar functionality.
  2. I should be able to edit the state of a version without actually creating a new version. This way in future , when i see that a portfolio was wrongly loaded for date X , i should be able to change the portfolio without creating a new version. A new version in my context means that a new portfolio was loaded on that day.



As I’ve said a few times before, a fix for this issue is coming very soon.


Hello @jim ,

Is there any update on this issue.
Sorry for bothering you on this , but this is something we badly want in our system.



Again, we’ve found some outstanding issues in the integration that we’re picked up by the compiler during the refactoring. The engineer working on it is as keen to finish it up as you are to have it. Should be before the end of the week ‘definitely’ he says.