Is there a bug in Weekend Calendar?


I’m just playing around with Strata dates and Calendars and I have this example which I’m pretty sure the result is wrong. The Weekend calendar seems to adjust this date to a Weekend date. (SATURDAY).

	LocalDate SAT_2014 = LocalDate.of(2014, 7, 12);
	DayOfWeek day1 = SAT_2014.getDayOfWeek();
	LocalDate dtAdjDate =, 5);
	DayOfWeek day2 = dtAdjDate.getDayOfWeek();

Am I reading this right?

Shifting by 4 or 6 days is correct, but not 5 days.

Toyin Akin.

Yes, it is a bug. It happens because the base date is not a business day. We’ll get it fixed, thanks.