OG-DotNet and data source registry


I am trying to run OG-DotNet project (AnalyticsViewer) against the ExampleServer started from Eclipse and getting a 404 exception telling me that this resource is not available:


The exception is thrown on line 271 of RestTarget.cs and this is the call stack

OGDotNet.dll!OGDotNet.Model.RestTarget.RequestImpl.AnonymousMethod__9() Line 271 C#
OGDotNet.dll!OGDotNet.Model.RestExceptionMapping.GetWithExceptionMapping<System.Net.HttpWebResponse>(System.Func<System.Net.HttpWebResponse> func) Line 25 + 0xb bytes C#
OGDotNet.dll!OGDotNet.Model.RestTarget.RequestImpl(string method, Fudge.FudgeMsg reqMsg) Line 258 + 0x2b bytes C#
OGDotNet.dll!OGDotNet.Model.RestTarget.FudgeMimeRequestImpl<Fudge.FudgeMsg>(System.Func<System.Net.HttpWebResponse,System.IO.Stream,Fudge.FudgeMsg> action, System.Func<Fudge.FudgeMsg> noContent, Fudge.FudgeMsg notFound, string method, Fudge.FudgeMsg reqMsg) Line 187 + 0xe bytes C#
OGDotNet.dll!OGDotNet.Model.RestTarget.FudgeRequestImpl(string method, Fudge.FudgeMsg reqMsg) Line 236 + 0x57 bytes C#
OGDotNet.dll!OGDotNet.Model.RestTarget.GetFudge() Line 88 + 0x10 bytes C#
OGDotNet.dll!OGDotNet.Model.Resources.RemoteLiveMarketDataSourceRegistry.GetDataSources() Line 25 + 0xd bytes C#
OGDotNet.AnalyticsViewer.exe!OGDotNet.AnalyticsViewer.View.MainWindow.Window_Loaded(object sender, System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs args) Line 64 + 0x23 bytes C#

What do I have to do to set up the live data source registry ?

Thanks in advance


Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’ve passed on your query to Simon Jackson, our lead .NET developer who should be able to get back to you tomorrow.



Can I just check what version of ExampleServer and OGDotNet you’re using?
liveDataSourceRegistry was introduced post 0.9, so that error would occur if using ExampleServer 0.9 and the master branch of OGDotNet.

The 0.9 tag of OGDotNet is available here https://github.com/OpenGamma/OG-DotNet/zipball/rel/v0.9.0

I’ve raised http://jira.opengamma.com/browse/DOTNET-52 to improve the error reporting when things like this happen.


Thanks for the comments

I was using 0.9 for OG-Platform and the master branch for OG-DotNet, which was inconsistent according to your comment. I will retry with the master branch of OG-Platform and let you know the results.


I confirm the master branch of OG-DotNet works with the master branch of OG-Platform. Thanks again for the help


Great, glad that’s got it sorted for you. Let me know if you have any other problems.