Searching security with attribute value


I could add an attribute to EquitySecurity Object by the following code.

EquitySecurity es;
es.addAttribute(“group”, “group1”);

How can I search a Security with previously added attribute group having value “group1”?

SecuritySearchRequest request = new SecuritySearchRequest();
SecuritySearchResult result =;

Is there any way to set the attribute value to the search request?


Not currently. It’s obviously something that would be useful though so I’ll add a JIRA issue for it (PLAT-2756). I can’t give you an estimate though as I don’t have an engineer spare to work on it at the moment.


Thank you Jim


Like in the case EquitySecurity, I could not find an addAttribute function to the HistoricalTimeSeriesInfoDocument. Is there a way to store additional information regarding timeseries with it?


No currently no, although it’s a good idea so I’ve put in a JIRA for it.