Trivial point in Javadoc for NonCentralChiSquaredDistribution

I was looking at the javadoc on NonCentralChiSquaredDistribution found at this location,
The link to the paper of Frasier et al is not quite working, I think it is relative when it should be absolute.
Also might be nice to have the complete reference for Ding paper, probably it is Ding 92.

The incompleteness of the Ding reference reminded me of a javadoc experiment I did some time ago, I dont remember all the details but it is possible to link contents of a bibtex file to javadoc via JabRef. It is a open source java program for managing bibliographies, one is able to get it parse a bibtex file and export a fully formatted reference as html based only on the reference that one uses in ordinary latex document. So the same accurate references you use when writing latex documents can be used directly in the javadoc also.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve fixed that (JIRA issue PLAT-2232) in both the develop and dev/v1.0.x branches and put up the new JavaDocs. Might need you to clear your browser cache before the link works. I’ve passed on the request for the better Ding reference and I’m waiting to hear back from the quant team.

Thanks Again,


same issue on BivariateNormalDistribution, the link is relative when it should be absolute.


Also fixed (published 1.0.0 JavaDocs and develop and dev/v1.0.x branches). Thanks for the pointer. Tried to find any other relative links and couldn’t find any so hopefully that’s it.