Bitcoin exchange?



I have no idea what OpenGamma does exactly and I am not a programmer but was wondering if anybody tell me if OpenGamma can be used in creating a private stock exchange which uses bitcoins?

can anyone modify the software and turn it into a live trading platform for users for me?



OpenGamma provide an open architecture risk framework, allowing users to build out more customised requirements whilst relying on our underlying core components. We also build business solutions such as our ‘Platform for Margining’ a light-weight solution allowing clients to validate the margin calls from major CCPs for cleared OTC products. Whilst OpenGamma is regularly used as the basis for more comprehensive risk management platforms, it would not be particularly well aligned to achieve a bitcoin supported private exchange. To answer your second question, anyone is free to download and modify our opensource software without any obligation to us, and we do have clients using OpenGamma to assist with live trading decisions, pricing, risk calculations etc.