OG User - Hello World


I’ve gotten my website up and running, and it does a hello world with OpenGamma


If you go bitquant -> bittrader -> Analytics Engine - you’ll get into the standard OG Gui. This is going to change a lot over the next month since I’ll be modularizing the OG GUI pieces so that they can be embedded in the trading system. Everything there is open source and BSD licensed.

One of the more interesting things about the site is the deployment. What I’ve done is to generate a disk image containing all of the OG pieces installed. The disk image gets uploaded to the HK cyberport cloud which runs openstack. When I want to change something, I redo the disk image, and just upload to the cloud. The scripts that I’ve used to do the deployment are in github. I’m using oz now, but I’ll be porting to vagrant.

The next thing on my agenda will be to work on UI. What I want to do is to modularize the GUI, so that I can take the elements of OG and then embed them into a custom web app. I think that it’s going to end up being 60% documentation work since I think that the bits are already pretty well modularized, so it’s a matter of moving things around. I’ll also work on a new and improved portfolio editor and timeseries viewer, and I’m looking at hiring a UX expert to do a refresh of edit screens.

After that I want to get the R engine working through the thin client. And then do a connection between opengamma and the bitcoin exchanges. The “killer feature” that I want to add is that if OG detects an trading event, I get a page on my cell phone, and if it detects something really big, then it will trigger an alarm to wake me up a 3 a.m.

This will give me to a “minimal viable product” which is going to be distributed open source BSD licensed for anyone to download.

By then the bitcoin options market should be opening up, and I’ll connect things with Interactive Brokers to trade things other than bitcoin.

If anyone is working on anything similar, let me know (and feel free to clone my github).


Hi Joe how I can get the contact of you?