Doxygen against OpenGamma


In order to get a good overview on opengamma, I was planning to run some software analysis tools against this (i.e. doxygen and some E-R graphing tools). I’m going to try to make this available via some public server. If someone has already done something like this, please let me know so I won’t be reinventing the wheel.


FYI, I’m not aware of any public use of doxygen or E-R tools on OpenGamma.


Cool. I guess I’ll be the first :slight_smile:

I’m in the process of setting up a semi-public server for OG development/testing. I’m waiting for the Cyberport cloud people to approve my application for access to their cloud, and for me to set up some of the formalities for setting up an HK company (i.e. domain names and the like). Once I have the server up and running, I’ll put up the doxygen docs that I generated last night.


FYI, I’ve started a new github repository

where I’ll be uploading various config files may be useful for OG support. It already has doxygen files, and I’ll shortly be adding buildbot(?) files and rpm specs. Everything there is covered by the Apache License.