What to read? What runs now?

I realise this is still Beta software but what do I need to read to understand what is ready to run now?

So far the only thing I have seen which runs is the web application found in the OG-Examples project.

In talking about the documentation - is the 0.71 documentation frozen, or is it being added to?


The OpenGamma platform is an integration platform, and as such there are limited demos or examples that can be run or provided without access to a data feed, such as Bloomberg or Reuters. Unfortunately, OpenGamma cannot make those components public and open source because of the restrictive licensing of the data feed providers, thus the OG-LiveData interface is the best we can provide in open source.

However, we can offer access to data feed providers for those that can sign an NDA. Obviously this isn’t ideal, and we’d love to have some high quality dummy data, but producing it without using a major data feed provider as a source is tricky. (The licensing means that we may need to demonstrate that the data doesn’t come from a data feed provider).

We do expect to release v0.8 soon, so the v0.7.1 documentation is unlikely to see many additions at this point.

Just to add to what Stephen said, we’ve had enough people wanting sample data and portfolios that we’ve committed to a 0.8.1 release in a couple of weeks with a least a minimal sample portfolio and some generated data to work with. See Kirk’s post for more detail on our thinking.