How to Start

Congratulations for wonderful opensource project.
I am new to OpenGamma, Sorry if my question is very primitive(I have source code, read your documentation as well). How should I start using OpenGamma. My requirements are:

  1. Need to Build a End of the day risk platform for all asset classes.
  2. Build Real time risk platform with real time data.
  3. Risk will include: Market, Credit and Capital Numbers(Other Risk number will be provided)
  4. Need backtesting, aggregation slicing and dicing and different reports and charts.

So as My requirements may be different from other, how should I use Open Gamma, I may want to use different Infrastructure as well(Some distributed computing API, some no sql db etc).
So please advice me (As technical as possible) how to start using it. I need to insert my estimation/valuation components, I need to plug my GUI etc.


We would recommend starting up a server using either OG-Examples or OG-BloombergExample (if you have a local Bloomberg terminal). Documentation for this is available on the website -

As you can see, your list of requirements is extensive. OpenGamma is intended as the base platform to build on and will provide a means to store data, run a calculation engine with analytics and display a website. However, you would be responsible for designing and coding the rest of your requirements, based on the Open Source platform.

As a company, OpenGamma can provide limited support on this forum, including clarification of issues with the open source code, javadoc and documentation. However our commercial customers will benefit from much more, plus additional components, including access to Reuters and other market data providers.