Pre installed VM's + training videos

I’m interested in getting to know the OpenGamma system (more specifically the market risk capabilities of it).
The questions I have:

  • Allthough I have substantial experience in implementating financial software I find it hard to find my way in all the documentation even just to get a basic system up and running. Are there VM’s available which contain a working OG environment?
  • Are there trainig videos available which provide a step by step approach on how to get it working?
  • Are there firms OG partners with to implement OG? If so, which firms?



Thanks for your interest in OpenGamma.

I completely understand your frustration and agree that the OG-Platform project is very difficult to use. To address this we have created Strata, and we would strongly recommend that new users start here.

Strata replaces OG-Platform, bringing much simpler access to market risk functionality as a high-quality Java 8 library. It comes with comprehensive documentation and code examples which should allow you to get started much more easily.

We do work with partner firms who can help with your integration, and we also work directly with commercial clients ourselves. Please feel free to contact us directly so we can discuss your requirements.