How to get started?

I’d like to play around with strata/opengamma OG and see what it’s capable of (and assess if it fits the firm’s needs).
Unfortunately the documentation is pretty sparse/technical and I’m a very newbie java developer. (Finance/Math background, not really a developer.)
How do you recommend going about this?
(I got as far as importing the source code as per this:
Is the opengamma OG MSI installer still avail?
Are there example code/data I can start playing around with?
Thanks in advance,
(Sorry for the really newb questions.)

  • Maddie

Welcome to Strata!

The Strata project is a developer-focussed library solution, as such we don’t provide MSI or other installers (our docs are written for a target of an experience finance developer). We have newer instructions for using Eclipse with Strata, however it sounds like you may have succeeded with the old instructions. See also our obtaining Strata page.

Once setup, there are numerous examples in the strata-examples project (anything with a “main” method). These are in the com.opengamma.strata.examples.basics and packages. For example see the SwapPricingExample, and then SwapPricingWithCalibrationExample. Each example is well commented to see what each line does.

In addition, the release page has a “report tool” download that has these instructions.

We look forward to hearing any feedback or queries and will try to handle newbie issues. Alternatively feel free to contact us directly to discuss sales and support or just to see if your plans match ours.