Getting started with Strata

Hello all, first thank you for Strata. From what I can see in the code base, it looks quite powerful. For background, I like this poster am new at Java development, but I have a background in quantitative finance, C/C++, and higher level languages.

I followed the installation build instructions on GitHub, where the build via Maven was successful on my Mac; however, I am now perplexed as to exactly how to use the code base. Naively I navigate to, for example,


and tried to execute, the command javac with the hope of creating a jar file that I could then run with Java; however, this resulted in an error, so clearly I am not doing things correctly.

If anyone could shed light on how to compile or to execute the examples, I would much appreciate it. For instance, is it required that I use Eclipse, or can I simply do things via the command line.

@stephen would you be able to provide any advice for above?

Glad to hear that you managed to get the code compiled using Maven. Calling javac on a single file will compile that file (if all the dependencies are present), but won’t really help you here.

The simplest way to run the examples is in an IDE, and while opinions vary, I find Eclipse to be a good choice. The instructions are here but aren’t really designed for just running the examples (they are intended for if you want to go on an develop some code). The minimum you need are steps 1, 3 and 6. Steps 4 and 5 may be useful as you come to examine more examples.

Hope that helps.