Cant get the Strata report tool demo to work

I am intersted in trying out open gamma and downloiaded the strata report tool demo. the instructiuons say once the file is unzopped, I can run the following command in the Command Line:

$ java -jar strata-report-tool.jar -p example-portfolios/swap-portfolio.xml -t example-reports/swap-report-template.ini -d 2014-01-22

but it does not explain what the command line is,

I have a windows 7 prof and went to the start button, typde in CMD and up came a DOS Command line. I then CD changed directories to the directory where I extracted the files, but it did not work.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


Hi Steve

Did you see an error message when you tried to run the command?

Just to add to this. On Windows, the command line prompt is indeed the DOS command line.You are in the right directory to run the command if you see strata-report-tool.jar listed when you do dir.

If it does not work, check that this works: java -version. If it does not, you will need to install the latest version of Java. As developers we use this one. Once installed, restart the DOS command line window and recheck java -version.

To see the output of the command in Windows, you will need to send the output to a test file. Just add > Output.txt to the end of the command. Then use notepad Output.txt to view it.