Finding the installation guide

I am starting here https:// developers dot opengamma dot com

That takes me to documentation here https:// opengamma-docs dot atlassian dot net/wiki/

That page takes me to installation guide here https://

The installation documentation all looks like version 2.1.0 - downloading from github looks like version 2.17.0.

Where to go? In the downloaded version I can not find reference to setup database, for example.

As you may have noticed, we have just released v0.8 of Strata, our next generation market risk library. While the OG-Platform project has complex setup steps involving databases and servers, Strata is far easier to get started with. See the Strata website for more information.

We’d also love to hear what your use case is. But assuming you don’t have an explicit need for a database or server, we’d definitely advise you to take a look at Strata.