Detailed installation guide


Our SysAdm asks if he can have a detailed installation guide for help when he is installing OpenGamma on a new server from scratch. Have you put something together already that I can give him?


As OpenGamma is still pre v1.0, we don’t have a detailed installation guide for a new server. However, all the pieces are there.

The new binary download of v0.9 contains a set of scripts for starting a basic server. This includes JMS, an example HSQL database and the application itself. See the scripts folder of the download (init-example-db and start-jetty files) to understand how the server is started.

Hope this helps!


This might be the sort of thing you’re looking for.

This covers how to install the example server. It also covers how most of the components of a production system would be configured. To actually use OpenGamma in production would usually require some integration with other systems (e.g. market data providers, trading systems, etc). If you want to contact our sales department we’d be happy to talk you through the process.


Dear Stephen and Jim, this is very useful. Thanks!