OpenGamma cloud images

Hi all,

I’ve gotten a VirtualBox disk image with OpenGamma at

There is a vdi file which is uploadable to the cloud and an OVA image which should be runnable via VirtualBox. This is extremely pre-pre-pre Alpha software, and I’d like to see if anyone can get it installed and running. Once it is running on either the cloud or VirtualBox, you can get to the setup screen via the web server and setup should install OpenGamma internal on the disk.

The scripts that are used to generate the image are available via github, and may be useful for other things. Also I’ve got the OG demo server running at

I’m trying to get OpenGamma, Rstudio and various other open source components running together so that I can do prop trading with bitcoin. It will still be several months, before I get all of the pieces working together, but I’d really like to have people copy/hack/steal/break any code that I write.