Build OG-Analytics jar along with its dependencies


Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a way to build OG-Analytics jar file by aggregating all the dependencies using the maven assembly plugin. Has it been done before?



Add the content of this gist to the pom file for the OG-Analytics module

Then from the OG-Analystics modules run this command
mvn assembly:single

This will create a tarball in target directory called


Thanks for replying to this mingfang! We are planning to provide OG-Analytics as a separate module with minimal dependencies as a separate release, but this is an excellent stop-gap.


Thanks mingfang and Jim!

I do however get the following error when I try to build the OG-Util (which is a dependency for OG-Analytics) using ‘mvn install’:

‘The POM for org.fudgemsg:fudge-java:jar: is missing, no dependency information available’

How do I resolve this? Do I need to add another repository to pom.xml to point to this jar file?



I figured that I had to make changes to the settings.xml file to pick up the maven repository. Now it works. Thanks a lot for your help.