Maven support for OG JAR files

Hi ,

I would like to refer OG jar files from my maven projects.
Is it possible now ?


The short answer is no. We made an early decision to use ivy rather than maven. We have discussed internally changing our directory structure to match maven’s to make it easier for maven users, but that’s a way off from happening.

Will OG team consider functionality to import OG projects to maven by using makepom in ant.xml or any other method told in this -

It dont much matter even if OG is in ant but it would be useful if we could refer OG projects from maven.

That looks interesting, but I’m pretty sure that this is a lot more work than a quick tweak. For one thing we’ll presumably need to convert all the dependencies in our ivy repositories to a maven repository also, otherwise where do the dependencies come from? I’m pretty sure we’d also need to change the structure of the repository to conform to maven naming standards. I’d guess that is a week or so of work at a minimum. I’d be happy to be proved wrong though.

We’ll look into it in the longer term, but without a paying customer demanding it (which I suspect will happen at some point), I’m afraid we can’t make it a priority at the moment.