Problems accessing today

We’re trying to run a build and it appears that is no longer in DNS. It can’t resolve the name. Anybody else running into this? I’ve tried from both my local network as well as from instances on EC2 and neither can find a DNS entry for


Can I ask which version of OpenGamma you are using? Since v2.0 we use maven as a build system, with our maven repository as follows:

  <!-- ==================================================================== -->
  <!-- OpenGamma public repositories -->
      <name>OG Public</name>
      <name>OG Public</name>

We switched ivyrepos off, as we haven’t used Ivy in a long time now…

It looks like we are using OG-Analytics:1.2.2-INC3 so that would make sense. I will look into upgrading. I am new at building this software and it was working last week so can please let me know if you brought ivyrepo down in the last few days?

The host ivyrepos is being moved at the moment and took longer than expected. We’ll let this thread know when the move is complete.

The host is back up and running. Note that we only host jars that we are permitted to, and if you find any missing jars (such as SQL server JDBC) you will need to download them and host them yourself.