Ant Build Failed: dependency issue..I will not be able to connect to ivyrepo/

I have just set-up opengamma on windows 64bit…
The build in Eclipse works but “ant install” is failing with the error below.
I tried to access using internet explorer by entering credentials opengamma-public/opengamma but I couldn’t access as well.

Can someone please advise how I can get around?

thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


UnknownHostException indicates you’re having a DNS problem.

Can you ping

ivyrepo actually uses different credentials to ivyrepos (note the ‘s’), which replaced it for most of the artifacts -

username: opengamma
password: opengamma

when you’re trying to reach it through IE. The fact that we’re still pulling the ivy jar from there is actually an oversight, but it should still work.

Hi Jim,
I appreciate your kind help. I am trying to evaluate OG for use in my firm. However I will not be able automatically download jars from external sites because of some network constraints here… To find a workaround I manually downloaded the ivy jar and changed download-ivy target in common-ivy.xml accordingly.

However now I am getting in to another dependency issue with commons_codec while building : Unresolved dependencies…Please see the link below…

I wonder if you can kindly help me further…

Considering that I will,not be able to access repos/ via build file, I wonder how I can get around this issue. I can manually download all the files and copy them locally rather than going to external websites…However I am still trying to figure out which piece of configuration downloads commons-codec and how to disable/change it.

any help will be highly appreciated…


I’m assuming here that you’ve cloned from git? Or did you download one of the source packages?

If you download the ‘with dependencies’ tarball on the download page, that has a directory with what basically amounts to a subset of You should be able to set that up as a local repository (out of the box, that’s what the ‘with dependencies’ build does, although it may still pull the ivy.jar file from ivyrepo as you’ve noted. I’ve opened a JIRA (PLAT-2657) to get someone to check that the ‘with dependencies’ package works without any offsite access.

Let me know if you are using the ‘with dependencies’ package and if that still causes problems and I’ll try to come up with some kind of solution.

Best Regards,