Potential Eclipse-Ivy Fix

Hi All,

After mucking around with Eclipse and Ivy with the intent on having a clean copy of OpenGamma build as the instructions say it should, I believe any issues you might be having are the result of the ivy_conf_path variable set in OpenGamma-Eclipse-Preferences.epf and ATTR_LOCATION variables in the ivy loader launch files.

Previously, after following the directions (http://docs.opengamma.com/display/DOC/Setting+up+an+Eclipse+Workspace), IvyDE would still bark at me about finding unrecognized variables in ${workspace_loc:/OG Platform/common/ivysettings.xml} even after multiple restarts and forced Ivy settings reloads. So, I forked OpenGamma and made modifications to the preferences file and ivy loader launch files. By doing the following:

  1. Deleting ~/.eclipse (to remove any traces of the old installed preferences). Make sure Eclipse is already closed
  2. Installing IvyDE
  3. Importing the updated OpenGamma-Eclipse-Preferences.epf file
  4. Disabling “Build Automatically”
  5. Importing OG-Platform/projects (Ivy will still claim here that resolve fails)
  6. Importing OG-Platform
  7. Restarting Eclipse

I am now able to have Ivy and Eclipse resolve and build OpenGamma from scratch within Eclipse. My forked repository is available at https://github.com/evdubs/OG-Platform and the commit (which I can send as a Pull Request) is available at https://github.com/evdubs/OG-Platform/commit/81ec52c15cf5cc0cc2aade099db82fde8c0668ce . The commit also includes changes to the .checkstyle files that I had made previously after Checkstyle had complained.

If you’ve been tweaking ivysettings.xml or doing other tricks to get Ivy, Eclipse, and OpenGamma to play nicely together, please let me know if you’re able to try my modifications and get it working. If you’re having girl problems, I feel bad for you, son.


NOTE: Deleting ~/.eclipse will also remove other plugins you have installed. If you have a better way of removing the older OpenGamma-Eclipse-Preferences.epf import, you should do that instead.

Also, this has only been tested on linux. If you’re using Windows, YMMV.

Hi Evan,

Thanks for all this info and work. Out of interest, were you placing your OG-Platform checkout inside your workspace directory? For some reason, this seems to expose this particular problem. I’ll work on integrating your fix into the current develop branch for inclusion in 1.1. I tried to get fixes for this into 1.0 but we ran out of time.

Thanks again,


Now in JIRA as PLAT-2270 with an engineer assigned. We’ll report back.

I am indeed using the same directory for my eclipse workspace and OG-Platform checkout.

We did an initial integration of your changes into the develop branch, but this ran into some issues, so we had to back it out. Once we’ve sorted these issues out, we’ll have another go.