General statement on Maven support


There have recently been numerous questions about our Maven support. We didn’t announce Maven support as a headline feature of our 1.1 release because we knew it wasn’t quite ready for primetime, but many users seem to have picked it up and run with it! Our initial aim is to allow maven projects to import OpenGamma modules as dependencies rather than needing the entire source tree. While we could also have supported this mode of operation via ivy, we found there was a critical mass of customers and prospects who asked for native maven support.

You should find that the current pom files on the develop branch will do a full system build and publish to our nexus repo, but currently won’t support unit tests in full.

Over the coming weeks and months we hope to enable full maven builds, including tests and deployments, but for now our maven pom files support a subset of the existing ant/ivy build system. We will also be open sourcing a template maven project showing how to include the OpenGamma components in a pure maven project.

It’s possible that we’ll move over to maven generally as our build and deployment system, but this is something still under consideration.

Jim Moores

Jim Moores, Head of Platform Development, OpenGamma Limited, UK.