Decoupling Portfolio name from ViewDefention

Hi ,

There are instances where i want to give portfolio name and viewDefention as the input to viewClient.
Is that possible without duplicating the viewDefention.
We feel it would be more useful if we could move out the portfolio reference from the viewDefention.
This way a user can store any kind of reports he needs to generate for any portfolio he needs.

One example would be where a stock consultant have made a viewDefention (or a set of function names to execute) and want to see how that model works for different portfolios.
Here coupling the portfolio name with the viewDefention looks a lot inconvenient.


I understand what you’re getting at, but I’d be worried that it’ll make configuring the UI more complex. I have noticed a rather odd situation now where to actually start a view, which originally only required a view definition, we also need other parameters: data requirements, portfolio and valuation date/times, etc. It might be better to have a ‘output definition’ or something (=view definition - portfolio) plus a ‘view definition’, which would be the combination of a portfolio, output definition and data requirements.

I’ll discuss it internally and report back.

Looks like this will be a popular feature.

Like Jim had mentioned, something like output definition will open up lot easier work flow.

Say if some one want to monitor his/her favorite risk measures on a list of portfolio on a specific frequency (hourly/daily etc) and write out to a db for analysis (scheduler it) . These kind of tasks are routinely done and make it much easier/logical workflow from a risk framework perspective.

Looks like 1.2 will have lot of great features and is there a date planned for its release.?

Congrats @jim and @all at OG for the great efforts on the platform and continued success

We’re hoping to release 1.2 next week (or possibly a week on Monday). I’m waiting for one final feature to go into the new UI and we’ll branch and start stabilising and testing.

As a result of chatting to others here, we’ve decided we almost certainly will remove the portfolio id from view definition and possibly rename it. There may also be some new kind of view definition along the lines I discussed. This obviously won’t make 1.2 though.

That sounds great. Thanks @jim for the update

Thanks for the update @jim .
From the develop branch i could see the analytics Beta. Its simply MIND BLOWING. I hope there would be a “download as CSV” option too for that UI.


Try just copying and pasting (CTRL-C, CTRL-V) into Excel. If you copy a single cell you get the full object expanded when you paste. If you copy a range you get a summary for complex objects.