Beginners guide question


We are starting a review of OG, and looks impressive so far. With the demo portfolios, views and data it certainly makes it easier to quickly get a handle on what is possible. My question is that i dont understand the relationship between a View and a portfolio and how this is established. In the demo data i can see each view loads different portfolios - but when i view the configuration - View definitions - no portfolio is selected in the main section. When i set one, in the existing equity portfolio view it stopped working. So how do the demo views know which portfolio to load, and having tried to create a new view for cash/bonds - i cant seem to get it to work or load any portfolio




The ViewDefinition class, which is what can be seen in the GUI on the config tab, has a field called portfolioId. This is the identifier of the portfolio that the view refers to. Each view definition can refer to one and only one portfolio.

The example project may have some limitations around changing the portfolio in config, simply because so much of the data in the example project is artifical. It should however be possible to create a new view definition, select the portfolio from the drop down list and add some columns to get a new view up and running. Based on what you describe, it might be the case that the drop down GUI selection of a portfolio isn’t working in the 1.0 release.


Thanks. Must be a bug then. The existing views dont have Portfolios selected that can be seen in the UI, and if you do select them in the UI, then the view doesnt load, the load indicator shows but never completes. Also if i create a new view and set a portfolio the same thing happens.


Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Usually this sort of thing happens if you delete or recreate the portfolios that a view is linked to. Are you running on a Bloomberg terminal by any chance? We have had odd behaviour if you run the installer while the terminal is logged out. If not it does sound like a bug. Can you try un-installing and re-installing? Any other information you can give about your setup would be useful (RAM, 32/64-bit, Operating System, Bloomberg or not, etc).




i have not deleted or recreated any portfolios - im just using the ones provided in the example. We are not running a Bloomberg terminal, just using the canned data that came with the system. We are running on Windows 2008 R2 64Bit server with 4gb of ram. We will try an un-install and re-install and revert if this either fixes or still has the same problem.




after the re-install the example view definitions still do not show the portfolio. However this time i can clone one, set portfolios etc, and create new ones linked to a portfolio and it works as expected.
The remaining issue is i am trying to get an anlaysis view of a bond portfolio - so i can see YTM, macualay duration etc type stuff. I assume in your language i need to link to the cash portfolio? So having set this (just using one basic column) - i dont get anything displayed at all in the analysis - which appears to occur if the columns dont match the underlying assets? Or do i need to somehow create some actual bond assets and positions and portfolio as this wasnt part of the examples included
appreciate you help