Error messages when running simulated example


when trying to run the simulated example server I get error messages and the web interface shows nearly nothing. After calling scripts\init-examples-simulated-db.bat, jetty.log contains

2013-10-08 09:26:30,288 [main] WARN c.o.e.s.tool.ExampleDatabaseCreator - Creating main database…
2013-10-08 09:26:33,611 [main] WARN c.o.e.s.tool.ExampleDatabaseCreator - Creating user database…
2013-10-08 09:26:36,716 [main] WARN c.o.e.s.tool.ExampleDatabaseCreator - Populating main database…
2013-10-08 09:26:53,564 [main] ERROR c.o.e.s.t.ExampleDatabasePopulator - Creating simulated historical timeseries - failed - Unable to find time-series: DbHts~DP1138
2013-10-08 09:26:53,580 [main] ERROR c.o.component.tool.AbstractTool - Caught exception
com.opengamma.DataNotFoundException: Unable to find time-series: DbHts~DP1138
at com.opengamma.masterdb.historicaltimeseries.DbHistoricalTimeSeriesDataPointsWorker.resolveObjectId( ~[og-masterdb-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at com.opengamma.masterdb.historicaltimeseries.DbHistoricalTimeSeriesDataPointsWorker.updateTimeSeriesDataPoints( ~[og-masterdb-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at com.opengamma.masterdb.historicaltimeseries.DbHistoricalTimeSeriesMaster.updateTimeSeriesDataPoints( ~[og-masterdb-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at ~[examples-simulated-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at com.opengamma.examples.simulated.loader.ExampleHistoricalDataGeneratorTool.doRun( ~[examples-simulated-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at [og-component-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at [og-component-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at com.opengamma.examples.simulated.tool.ExampleDatabasePopulator.loadSimulatedHistoricalData( ~[examples-simulated-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at com.opengamma.examples.simulated.tool.ExampleDatabasePopulator.doRun( ~[examples-simulated-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at [og-component-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at [og-component-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at [og-component-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at ~[examples-simulated-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
at com.opengamma.examples.simulated.tool.ExampleDatabaseCreator.main( ~[examples-simulated-2.0.0.jar:2.0.0]
2013-10-08 09:26:55,109 [main] WARN c.o.e.s.tool.ExampleDatabaseCreator - Successfully created example databases

(The same exception is also printed to the command line.)

When I start the example regardless of the error message, there are no error messages on the command line but jetty.log contains:

2013-10-08 09:30:12,734 [main] ERROR c.o.e.s.l.ExampleLiveDataServer - Not enough fields in CSV on line 2563
2013-10-08 09:30:14,762 [main] WARN c.o.f.a.GICSAggregationFunction - No organization source supplied - will be unable to show sectors for CDS reference entities
2013-10-08 09:30:14,980 [main] WARN c.o.w.v.WebValueRequirementNamesResource - Could not read in value requirement names: Class com.opengamma.web.valuerequirementname.WebValueRequirementNamesResource can not access a member of class com.opengamma.engine.value.ValueRequirementNames with modifiers “private static final”

When I go to http://localhost:8080/, the top row contains only Analytics, Booking, Configure and Feedback. No Portfolios, Positions etc. as visible on various screen shots. In addition, the drop down list ‘Calculations’ on the Analytics is empty.

What am I missing?


Whatever the reason for this error message is, it does not happen with version 2.0.0 on Linux or the recently released 2.1.0 on Windows. The drop down list ‘Calculations’ is no longer empty and I can now start to play with the system.


I think you’ve hit a bug. We’ve noticed that when the installer runs especially slowly, such as on an older laptop, there is some kind of race condition that means that the views don’t get created. I’ve created a JIRA to track the issue (PLAT-4871).

Glad to hear you can now move forward :slight_smile: