High java CPU usage with simulated server

I’m getting a high java CPU usage when I run OG with a simulated server. The odd thing is that it is always in sleep state.

Let me know if I’m doing anything incorrectly.

joe 7430 103 15.2 5765840 1243896 pts/11 Sl Nov26 1294:07 java -Dlogback.configurat

Because it’s running with simulated data, it will likely consume a lot of CPU as there are always changes going on. Additionally, the view processor is designed to use as much CPU as possible (in terms of allocating threads) as it’s really designed for running on a server. It is possible to limit the number of cores it will try to use - see line 58 of examples-bloomberg/config/fuilstack/fullstack-examplesbloomberg-viewprocessor-spring.xml. The nodesPerCode could be set to e.g. 0.25 or 0.5 rather than 1.

If should however, not be using up a lot of CPU if you don’t have any views running.

Thanks for the info.

What’s happening is that when I’m running with no views, one CPU is eating about 100%. When connect a web browser, it starts to take up 4 CPUs at 100%.

I’ll run this on another platform to see if this is a kernel/java version issue. If not I’ll do a deep dive to see exactly what is causing the CPU to be so high.

Will let you know what I find.

One more thing. Is there something of a Null connector. I’d like to run OG with no new data coming in, and I was wondering what the easiest way is of hooking this up.

I found a possible bug in the example server and I just sent up a pull request. What appears to be happening is that a sleep was put in the wrong place.

Thanks for that.