OpenGamma example glitch

I’ve running into a small glitch with opengamma. This is with the vanilla examples-simulated system.

Go into

It redirects to

with a blank page. Now if you remove the last “/”

Everything seems fine.

Any pointers as where to look for the problem. If it’s involved, just point me into the direction to look at and I can try to find a fix for this.

I’ve done some testing with Firebug and the issue appears to be a race condition in the javascript, which likely explains why someone else hasn’t caught it.

What appears to happen is that OG is trying to populate the UI before all of the components are loaded, which gives you some missing components. Once the javascript is loaded, then everything works subsequently.

I’ll dig in some more (and this will give be a good chance to play with the javascript), however it looks like the fix is to put in something that says “wait for the javascript elements to all load” before filling them.

The other thing is that the archetecture looks pretty nice. It looks like all of the UI is in javascript which means that I can write the backend UI server in any sort of language I want, serve a template page, have the client pull in all of the data from OG using REST, which means that OG and the java in it is limited to the analytics calculations and network interactions with the broker. Looks pretty cool!!!

FYI, I found and fixed the problem. The issue wasn’t a race condition but a javascript permission error. What was going on was that javascript was blocking an access to a non-OG page data, and this was causing OG to stop working. I’ve put in a pull request for the fix.