How to configure OG with NOSQL database

Can you plz help to advise how to configure NOSQL database in OG2.x.

We experimented with MongoDB as a backend for the master-level interfaces a few years ago and found the MongoDB technology poor and unsuited to the task. We do now have some Redis implementations which may be of interest. Our main database is SQL based however (HSQLDB/Postgres/…)

Thanks for sharing your experience Stephen.
Latest OG and MongoDB has lots of performance improvement. I’m exploring OG2.x with latest version of MongoDB.

Could you please share the required code changes in OG for configuring the MongoDB with OG?

This is the old code that we deleted in the past - - no idea if it still works. Once you have an implementation, you need to write a ComponentFactory subclass like DbConfigMasterComponentFactory and configure it into the INI file