How to identify missing input?


I’m just trying to get started running the Windows example server (using web UI).

It seems to be running fine, I am able to create positions/portfolios/views. And I am able to see a PV for a fixed-rate bond. But for a swap PV shows “loading…” and dependency graph says “missing inputs”.

Naturally I would guess that the missing input relates to the yield curve. Yet the dependency view shows little yield curves that even move up and down with the simulated real time data (nice interface!)

So the question – which could be useful more generally – is how to determine what input is missing when the error simply says “missing inputs”.

A related question though: is there a way to see a yield curve either “live” or as-of an historical datetime – ie market data input values and graph (of forward or spot or other appropriate value)?

Thanks for any help. I’ve tried to go through as much documentation as I could find related to the demo, I did not dig into the “developer” level documentation however, so feel free to point me in that direction (the more specific the better.)


It’s probably because the time series for the reference rate (e.g. USD LIBOR 3M) is missing or does not contain data on that day. It should however show on the dependency graph, so I’m puzzled by that.

The 1.2 release does have an issue with a missing logback appender that should have routed errors back to the user interface. In the upcoming 2.0 release, this will be fixed.

You can find the application logs in:

Program Files\OpenGamma Ltd\OpenGamma\log\example.log

(it might be called ‘examples.log’ instead). You’ll need an editor that will read a currently open file such as Notepad++ if you don’t want to have to shut down the engine service to open it, which you’d need to do if you used e.g. WordPad.

As for your yield curve question, you should be able to hover over the little picture of the curve in the cell and choose e.g. ‘2’ to pop it into one of the right hand side panels. You can then use the icon in the top left of that gadget to switch between Curve display, Curve data and dependency graph. Note the data display are post-fitted samples at the curve nodal points rather than the raw input data. The raw input data can be found by drilling further into the dependency graph to see the market data inputs.