In BloombergExample "ant init-database" failed


“ant init-database” command shows me such a message.

I am using dev/stable branch,
ant build,ant new-hsqldb commands were successful inside BloombergExample.

I follows the same steps of OG-Examples to start the OG-BloombergExample.

My expectation was like the server should be up even the data from bloomberg is not loaded.(at this point, I don’t have a Bloomberg terminal on the localhost )
and my “ant jetty-debug” command is also stuck on a similar point. see


If you don’t have a Bloomberg Terminal, the OG-BloombergExample package won’t work - I’ll add a JIRA about making that more clear. This is what the OG-Example package is for (when you don’t have access to a terminal). One of my colleagues is now working on moving the fix for this issue into dev/stable. After the next release, due on 9th July, I would suggest moving over to the master branch, which we’re now keeping relatively stable between releases. Bleeding edge development will continue on the develop branch.


I have Bloomberg Anywhere terminal running on a local windows machine. My dev is on an ubuntu machine. As the doc on says I edited the line “” to the local ip(of which Bloomberg Anywhere terminal is running ), in the file config/fullstack/
Then “ant new-hsqldb” was successfull.
but “ant init-database” was failure. please see

I haven’t touched any of the port config both in Bloomberg Anywhere terminal and BloombergExample.

Is there any constraint on running BloombergExample like this?


Ahh, okay, sorry I misunderstood. The problem is that remote access of a Bloomberg terminal (as opposed to a SAPI or Managed B-Pipe server) is usually outside the license agreement so the connection is being denied by the bbcom.exe process on your terminal which checks the IP address of the originating end of the connection and fails if it isn’t (localhost).


Assuming you have the appropriate licensing in place, you could try using something like the ‘socat’ utility to redirect the ports.


Yes … I could run it from the same machine by giving ip
Thanks for the clarification.