Logins to Jira and Confluence


I’ve registered on the main developer page and after logging out and back in (several times) I’m still not able to log into Jira or Confluence. I saw in the documentation that there have been issues with this in the past. Is there something else I should try?



I tried from another computer and my login worked. Maybe it was a cookie issue?

Hi, Steve,

Sorry it didn’t work for you. It actually has to do with a complex interaction between current versions of Crowd and Jira. Basically, we can’t put you into the Crowd bucket that allows access to Jira until after Jira tries to authenticate you (the Jira authentication forces Crowd to add the entitlement, but by that point Jira has already cached the credentials). We’re working with Atlassian on a workaround.

Glad to know you were able to get on!