What can we expect?


First of all, congratulations for the second public release, UI is very beautiful and
clean, but I think it is not appropriate to end-user, as you already said it, can we expect
more from that?What?When(0.9, 1.0, 1.x)?
Will OG have admin web UI?Authentication?


Hi, Willem,

There will be an ongoing set of features added to our Web GUI over the next few releases, but it’s hard to divide them into individual themes. Rather, we believe in progressive development of functionality based on community input as well as our internal development roadmap.

All of these features are being tracked in the “Web” component of the Platform project in Jira. You can see what we currently are tracking, and vote for the issues you’re most interested, here: http://bit.ly/mStx8G (all out standing Web component issues).

Is there anything in particular (aside from authentication, meaning to me http://jira.opengamma.com/browse/PLAT-1311 ) that you’re looking to see?

  • Login screen(mentioned above)
  • Admin console
  • Rich charts
  • Alerts
  • Reports(standard and custom)

I’d like give you a suggestion, I guess many are in doubt how OG works, maybe a good idea is to release a demo version, so they can’t help to improve OG.


All these things are in the works. The first things that will probably be visible are the changes to the configuration to use custom forms for configuring views, curve definitions, etc. You can expect at least some of those in 0.9.0. The user login stuff will probably be the next thing after that to appear, and you can expect that for the release after that. Alerts and reporting will come with our rewrite of the analytics part of the UI, which is underway at the moment.


Thanks Jim. When login is done, portfolios, positions, configs, will be by user?


Yes, that’s the idea.


Thanks Jim



What is coming next version(1.0)?



Actually the next version will be 0.10.0. We’re still not ready to freeze our APIs yet and we’re intending to do that for the eventual 1.0 release. I don’t have an exact feature list for the next release yet. Some of the things that we’re working on, that might be in the next release (but might not be ready by then):

  • Better change handling, with changes in portfolios and configuration triggering dependency graph rebuilds and web UI refreshes automatically
  • Better support for dynamic aggregation of portfolios
  • Extended attributes sets on securities (similar to what is on trades/positions in 0.9.0
  • More examples and example data
  • User management/login
  • An early version of our R integration module
That's by no means an exhaustive list, but I hope that gives you some idea.



Thanks for replying…
In my opinion user management/login is a great feature



You said that you are not ready to freeze the API, my doubt about is, can we use OG in production, or it’s earleir?
One thing I miss in OG is login screen…
Sorry for so much questions, I am so excited with OG.



How is going User management/login?


Hi Willem,

We are still intending to add it in the next few months but it’s not going to be released as part of 1.0.0 I’m afraid. I’ll post back here as soon as I have any news about when the team can get to adding support.



Hi Jim,

Does OG have backend login feature?



Not at this time, no.


@Jim - Can you please tell me what are the plans for login management system in openGamma.
It would be great if you can provide some ETA.


It’s still on the roadmap and it is part of our internal post 1.0 roadmap so we’re moving towards assigning some engineering time to it. However, it’s still probably at least two to three months away at the earliest.