User Account Support

I noticed that there was some discussion about this time last year that user account support was going to be added to OpenGamma at some point in the near future (8-12 weeks was mentioned), and I can see that there are classes and databases for user accounts, but I don’t see anything in the web interface or REST interfaces for managing user accounts and what they have access to, and the capability to create users with private portfolios but still with access to a defined set of globally available data sources is critical to what I want to accomplish with OpenGamma…

Where does User Account Management stand at this point ??

We still haven’t got it generally available. We have much of the work done, but it remains to be properly integrated. It’s scheduled to happen in the next (hate to say it) 8 weeks or so.

ouch :slight_smile: Though it may not hurt THAT much as I can spend the time on the feeds and historical code :slight_smile:

It has been almost 8 weeks… any progress ??

Heck – if nothing else, anything I can help with ??

My java-fu is probably all rusty and corroded but I gotta have this :slight_smile:

There is some preliminary support in the develop branch which I don’t think quite made it into 2.1, although I’ll check. I’ll ask my colleague to post some details.

We have recently added some functionality around securing the analytics interface, requiring the user to log in, and passing these user details through to the ViewClient for entitlement checking and restricting the results set. Most of this is in the 2.1 release, and there has been further work since then.

It does not currently restrict access to the data available through the other parts of the web UI, for example the portfolios, positions or configurations - only the analytics. Work on portfolio permissioning has been taking place separately. I believe this is largely complete and ready to be merged into our development branch.


Is there a time frame on when the merge will happen ??

I’m doing a web front end in C#/ASP.Net that has its own user account system and a lot of non-analytic functionality , and my plan is to create OpenGamma accounts and portfolios via the REST api… I guess I could have just created portfolios for each of my users and handled all the security in the c# side since OpenGamma is NOT going to be internet-facing at all… just gonna grab what I need and merge it into my web UI… but now that there is going to be portfolio security I’ll have to deal with at least one account I guess, even if I place all my user portfolios under that single master account :slight_smile:

but do let me know when there is something I can grab and start managing accounts and portfolios :slight_smile: