Introductions from Hong Kong


Thanks for all of the help in getting OG running.

Just by way of introductions, I’m a quant that just recently left a large investment bank. I’m looking into ways of developing open source and financial technology here in Hong Kong, and I’m going through the OpenGamma code to see what’s possible. One thing I’m particularly trying to figure out is what modifications if any are needed to adapt OpenGamma to the needs of local Asian markets, and the local hedge fund/prop trading industry.

The other thing that I’m looking into is how to package up some of the libraries (such as the WebGL JSurface interface) for other things like an interactive real time trading system.

I’ll be posting a lot of my changes on my github repository.

Now to see why the regression tests are breaking…

Joseph Wang


OK. I found my first Asia related issue, and I’ll see what it takes to fix it.

It seems that some of the tests behave badly if the locale is Chinese.


Hi there and Welcome,

We’re always happy to have someone take a look and try out some code. If you do fix some tests or add some code and want to contribute that back, we’d love that. We have a contributer agreement (similar idea to contributing to the Apache Software Foundation) that allows us to accept your patches, and you’ll need to sign that before we can accept any Pull Request.

See our contribution guide for the full details.



Sure no problem. What’s the easiest way of getting the signed agreement back to you all.


I’ve added the email address to the bottom of the . Look forward to receiving it.


Done. Look forward to working with you all.


I’ve put in my first github pull request. It sets the locales for internal variables, and also does some changes to fix problems with HK time zones. The funny thing is that I’m also working on eclipse trader, and the java code there seems to have exactly the same issues with Asian time zones.