MSI and R support version 2.0

The OG platform just gets better and better:). When are you planning to make the MSI and R support for the 2.0 version available?

When we converted to Maven, we had quite a bit of trouble with the native parts of our build, which is why MSI support disappeared. Version 2.1 is in the final phases of testing, and will include MSI support for the demo, but not yet R. We hope to include an MSI R installer again shortly though as well as an evaluation/non-commercial version of our Excel client.

Good to hear that it is on the way. Exploring OG through the R interface is really great (but I miss the example bonds in 1.2 that are included in the 2.0 version).
Is it possible to compile the R package on windows and do you have any description of how to do that? (Maybe something like this