R interface build questions

Question about R. I’m able to build the connector client, but I’m getting an error when package.xml tries to open the jar file for og-rstat, and I can’t seem to find where the jar file for og-rstat is built.

Is the jar file a required component, and if so how is it to be built?

Is this what you are looking for?

I’ve been building off the develop branch of

which I think is newer.

I have the R interface running, and I’m able to load the libraries. However I get errors when I run the R demo scripts. Have there been changes that have invalidated those scripts or is there someone in my setup that I’m missing?

If you need someone to update the R scripts, let me know in general what changes need to be made and I’ll go ahead and get it done.

Yes you are right - that location is newer, my mistake. Internally, our build process does compile the rstats project and I haven’t seen any issues. However it is fair to say that the project has not seen any recent development.