OpenGamma R Server quesiton


I’ve gotten R and OpenGamma to run with each other on Linux. Two questions:

  1. What are some good demos that can be used for this? I’m looking for something that has nice plots and screenshots.

  2. I’m getting the following error on startup. What I think is happening is that when R spins up the LanguageConnector, the R tries to connect before the language connector has initialized. Is there some switch (maybe a java property) that delays the connection until the connector spins up?

[1] “Info: Loading OpenGamma namespace”
[1] "Fatal: Could not initialise the OpenGamma R plugin. Is the service running? Is the back-end OpenGamma server available?"
Warning message:
In dyn.load(file, DLLpath = DLLpath, …) :
Not initialised at DllMain.cpp:189
[1] “Info: Stub OG package not available”
[1] “Info: Building import package”
[1] "Info: Declaring functions"
Error in seq.default(from = 0, to = count - 1) : ‘to’ must be of length 1
In addition: Warning message:
In OpenGammaCall(“Functions_count”) : Not initialised at Entities.cpp:80