New engine function integration

Hi Guys,

i am just evaluating integration of OG. As a first step i am trying to implement a minimalistic new function.

I see the function in the view configuration column dropdown for my test view def.
Unfortunately i cannot see any values being computed/shown in the Analytics.

Based on the existing posts and docs i performed the following steps:

  • created “DemoFunction” with same source as “StandardEquityModelFunction”
  • added “DemoFunction” to “ExampleStandardFunctionConfiguration”
  • edit “webBasics” in  “fullstack-examplessimulated.ini” to integrate my function into the UI. -> is this correct?

Source sections:

–> ExampleStandardFunctionConfiguration.addAllConfigurations(List):

    StaticFunctionConfiguration configuration = new StaticFunctionConfiguration(DemoFunction.class.getName());
    AnalyticsFunctions.addScalingAndSummingFunction(functions, DemoFunction.DEMO_EQUITY_FUNCTION);

–> fullstack-examplessimulated.ini:

valueRequirementNameClasses = com.opengamma.engine.value.ValueRequirementNames,

I think there might be a problem with my value requirement “DemoEquityFunction”…
What am i missing? Is the overall UI integration process correct?

Any ideas, comments would be greatly appreciated!