Not able to register scaling or summing function


Hi ,

I am trying to register my own function.
First i created the function and then i added the function definition and then added summing/scaling functions.

But then the dependency graph seem not to have recognized the summing or scaling function.

Function code -
Code to register function -

Error am seeing is as below -

2012-11-14 14:56:16,560 [main] WARN c.o.w.v.WebValueRequirementNamesResource - Could not read in value requirement names: Class com.opengamma.web.valuerequirementname.WebValueRequirementNamesResource can not access a member of class com.opengamma.engine.value.ValueRequirementNames with modifiers "private static final"
2012-11-14 14:56:19,986 [Computation job for ViewProcess[ViewProcess~main-0 on DbCfg~1001~21]] ERROR c.o.e.d.GetTerminalValuesCallback - Couldn’t resolve ValueReq[HisotricalValueFunction, CTSpec[POSITION, DbPrt-DbPos~1001-1000~0-0], EMPTY]
2012-11-14 14:56:19,986 [DependencyGraphBuilder-3] ERROR c.o.e.d.GetTerminalValuesCallback - Couldn’t resolve ValueReq[HisotricalValueFunction, CTSpec[PORTFOLIO_NODE, DbPrt~1001~0], EMPTY]

Kindly help me out here. Any direction on this issue would be of great aid.



I think its cause i took the latest develop branch.
Anyway i will wait until release of 1.2.0



‘HisotricalValueFunction’ looks like a typo to me…


@jim , its the function i created and the one i named.
But yes its a typo. But i don’t think that have anything to do with the issue as i have give the same name consistently everywhere.

I tried taking a fresh develop beanch and running OG-Example just now. The analyticsBeta page is not functioning.



The functions were not added to the example function repository. Look at my additions to DemoStandardFunctionRepository and add them to ExampleFunctionRepository and it should work.


While taking a fresh copy of develop branch and after compiling and running OG-Example , the by default “equity portfolio view” is not running in the UI.
If it help this is the error am seeing in console -

PS - There is no code change to the above that i have done



Hello @jim ,

I went through the check in you made to register the function.
Few questions here.

CHeckIN -

Here i don’t understand how ValueRequirementNames.HISTORICAL_TIME_SERIES is tied to the class HistoricalTimeSeriesSecurityFunction.class



It declares that it satisfies a ValueRequirement of HIISTORICAL_TIME_SERIES (on securities) in its return value from the getResults() method that the engine calls on all functions when figuring out whether it can satisfy a value requirement in a view definition.


thanks @jim ,
Finally i was able to do what i needed.