OpenGamma 2.2 on Github?


Is OpenGamma 2.2 available somewhere? The latest version I see on Github is 2.1, which was released more than a year ago, but I notice 2.6 labels in JIRA. I’ve heard that 2.2 is quite an improvement. My 2.1 examples are working now and I’ll be starting to incorporate what I’ve learned into my app. It would be great to get started with 2.2 if possible now that my serious work is about to begin. Just curious.

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Hi Eric,

You’re right that the last official public release was 2.1. This is still the latest self-contained public release containing example servers.

In the meantime we have been working hard on our next-generation Platform due for release in the first quarter of 2015. This will contain many major improvements and new functionality delivered by some new components that have not yet been open sourced. Some of these are already in use by our customers, and are supported by the more recent releases of the Platform that you have noticed. These recent releases are still tagged in GitHub, published to our repository as Maven artifacts, and you can see the latest code on the develop branch. However, due to the changes taking place, they have not been part of a full public release.

We will be publishing more details on the next major release and how this relates to the existing codebase over the coming months.


Thanks Jon. I’m new to Github and just noticed a fantastic feature. A drop down menu called “branch” where you can select a branch. Imagine that! :smile:

Understanding it is not official yet, is there any particular dev version you might recommend? v2.5.x?

Hi Eric,

Glad you have found our other branches in GitHub!

We are currently following a time-based release schedule, with a minor release each month. v2.5 was the September release, which is currently the latest. While this will ensure that you are using the latest released infrastructure, please be aware that not all features from 2.1 remain supported, as some features are now provided by components which are not yet part of the open source Platform or these releases. Aspects of the calculation engine and examples servers may be affected, but the underlying infrastructure (analytics, databases, masters and sources, configuration, market data subsystem, REST endpoints) is still very much used.

Hope that helps.


For development purposes I’ve been using the “develop” branch on to which I’ve been adding local changes. The “develop” branch has diverged enough from “master” that I think it would be better to do any new development on that branch.

One thing that I’ve found is that the “develop” branch being development is somewhat unstable (no surprise there!!!). What often happens is that there is new development in the core parts, but the web interface isn’t updated until later, so take care to mark a “last good build” so that I can rollback if there is new development that breaks something.