Next version



Someboy knows when the next version is coming?



The development of OpenGamma is continuing day by day. Our roadmap is visible at JIRA -

As with many other open source projects we don’t have a fixed timeline for releases. However, a good sign is that there have already been two opens source releases, v0.7 and v0.7.1!


The planned release date for 0.8 is the 10th June 2011.


Thanks Jim


We’re going to have to slip the release date for 0.8 until Tuesday 14th or Wednesday 15th. The release is feature complete in GitHub but is still going through QA. I’ll make an announcement when it’s live.


Hi all,

Reusing an old discussion to discuss the same question.

What are the things that are in the works ?
And any timeline to the new version ?

Appreciate your efforts to the great product and your support for the open source world in finance.