Strange AJAX calls

Hi ,

One thing i noticed in OG is that , when the AJAX request is fired by the browser , it is returning JSON and when i try to open it from firebug as “Open as new tab” am seeing pure HTML.
More over when i do the same operation using curl , i am seeing the HTML and JSON

I need to integrate some of the AJAX calls with my UI , please let me know how i can get the JSON and not HTML


The RESTful requests react to the content type in the call - the Accept HTTP header
see and

You can also force the request to choose JSON by adding “.json” to the URL (before any ? query), although this is really intended for debugging. For example: http://localhost:8080/jax/portfolios.json?name=

So, the preferred solution is to send an Accept HTTP header with “application/json” as the value.

Thanks @stephen .